Frequently asked questions for how to travel to Cuba for the ideal vacation. How to rent an auto in Cuba and other itinerary information.

You can use your national license or the one of your country of residence, or also the international license. The important thing is that it must be valid.

The rental price of the car you have selected is per day, the mandatory insurance and the price of a full tank of fuel are included. If the pick-up and drop-off point is different, an additional charge will be added. The security deposit is no longer due. If you do not wish to drive and want someone else to drive, also known as an additional driver, therefore, you must pay an additional amount of 3 to 30 dollars, depending on the days or the agency.

Prices may vary according to the category (it is worth mentioning that the car is rented by category):

CategoryInsuranceFuelAirport pick up

Credit card, debit card or bank transfers. All the payment methods that the agency handles will be communicated to you via email, when the car has been confirmed.

  • If you want to use a credit card or debit card, it doesn't necessary to use from the reservation holder, and has an additional charge of 4%
  • If in the web page for some unknown reason the card used originates some error, take into consideration that the card must have some limit or condition regarding payments by web. Contact your bank before making any further attempts.
  • If you wish to use a bank transfer, take into consideration the period of days in which the transaction will be effective.

The authorized state agencies in Cuba for car rental are: Transtur and Gaviota. many international agencies reserve a large number of cars for rental to these agencies, thus facilitating the rental process and diversifying the tourism market. Therefore, these state agencies are in charge of the car and everything that goes with it. Our agency is in charge of the rental process, to provide security and confidence of the reservation, as well as the necessary advice. Therefore, the insurance of the same is included. What is included:

  • If the rented car, of whatever category it was, belongs to the Transtur lot, the insurance covers any incident.
  • If, on the other hand, your car belongs to the Gaviota lot, the insurance is fully comprehensive.

Both agencies and franchises linked to these with respect to the insurance have some exception clauses, which in general correspond if the client is at fault for causing any total or partial damage to the car, when:

  • It is intentional, is driving under the effect of alcohol or any drug.
  • He/she is carrying any explosive, toxic or flammable material.
  • Authorize another person to drive the car without having been authorized by the rental contract.
  • Use the car for illicit acts such as: races, competitions, loading of merchandise or passengers in excess.
  • Parking the car in unsafe places.
  • Damages due to technical defects caused by the client.
  • Among others.

In order to have more clarity on these clauses, you should read the contract that is delivered to you.

These differences correspond to the time of payment of the rented car, that is to say, the reserved car will always include a fee for insurance, it is obligatory. The difference is according to the category of the car if it must be paid at the moment of the reservation or if it must be paid directly at the agency's office.

No, the car rental agencies in Cuba do not accept external insurance, it is only possible to rent the car if they agree according to the contract to include insurance, since it is mandatory.

Showing a general overview of the roads in Cuba, it can be said that they are regularly acceptable. As far as traffic is concerned, it is very little, so that you can drive quietly. If the route of your visit is through rural areas, these roads are usually of very poor quality and it is very common to see animals on the road, and at night it is not recommended because of the poor lighting they have.

You should always keep in mind to park in safe areas, where there is good lighting in case it is at night. Most of the hotels, rental houses, hostels, tourist places and restaurants have parking lots, the price for this is very low and the parking lots take care of the car 24 hours a day.

Cuba is a very safe island, during all the time we have worked in this area of car rentals we have not received any type of report with theft of rented cars.

RENTALCARCUBA will not reserve any car without first confirming the existence of the car in the National Reservation Center. In case the car is not available at the moment of your arrival, it is very possible that you will be offered another car belonging to the same category or higher.

We will always try to find alternatives, our staff is trained to handle any situation at the time of pick-up and delivery of the car.

The most common problems that can occur are delays in delivery, but this happens most of the time because of the slowness of the system or because there are many customers waiting to pick up the car. For greater security it is always important to arrive at the scheduled time and bring the proof of payment, in addition to the relevant documents. In case of any other problem, please contact our staff.

The most advisable thing is that you start the reservation of the car with all the anticipation possible, since in Cuba the official agencies of rent of cars are only two, bringing as consequence the great demand and the little supply. That is why, if you want your car without any worries, start your search as soon as you have the date of your trip and ask for availability.