How to book your cars for rent in cuba: step-by-step

Below you will find a guide on how to book a car in Cuba through our website. Here is a simple description of all the steps required for your booking.

Portal guide

How to book a car for Cuba


Search panel

The initial booking screen will appear on the homepage. Select the location, dates and times at which you want to collect and return the car.


Choose the type you want

If you have special needs, our site allows you to select the car category that best suits you. Access the "Cars" menu item and select the category that's right for you via the appropriate menu.


Car summary

Once you have chosen the car, the summary of your reservation will appear


Data entry

You will be prompted to enter all your details


Confirmation of reservation

At this point your booking will be made and you will receive confirmation and email with voucher to be presented to the car rental.

Book your car now

Choose the car and start exploring Cuba!