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When you are on holiday, it is time to relax and rejuvenate. Waiting for the bus or public transport can become pretty challenging. That is why we at RentalCarCuba have come up with the option of car rentals.

Now you can rent a car in Havana and explore the beauty of this city at your own pace.

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Take Our Special Offers for Car Rental in Havana Cuba!

Car Rental Cuba welcomes you with our exclusive car rental offers. We have made it easy to rent a car in Havana. Explore our special deals and make your trip to Havana an unforgettable one. Dive into the beauty of the historical streets of Old Havana and let the rental cars in Cuba, Havana cater to your every need.

Moreover, with limited public transportation options in Cuba, it makes sense to explore the city at your own pace. You don't have to compromise on the travel plans and drive on the countless roads whenever you want. Book now and let your Cuban getaway starts right here.

There are few car rental agencies in Cuba. If it is your first time traveling as a tourist or visitor and you plan to rent a car in Cuba, you should consider that there may be some setbacks. If you live in Australia, the United States, or Europe, you will notice that Cuba car rental is different from what it would normally be in your country of origin. A large part of the tourists and visitors who arrive in Cuba expect to find different car rental agencies, as well as other branches in most of the towns, but it is not done this way, which is why you must take into account the following considerations:


It is very important that, when planning your trip to Cuba, you make your reservation in advance; Do not leave the search for a car rental agency until the last minute because the number of these is very small, which results in the low availability of cars, otherwise you will have to opt for public transportation or the taxi service during your entire stay. The main recommendation is: Book two or three months in advance, if your trip date is getting closer, don't forget to ask about availability.


When renting your car, it is important to contact an agency that provides security as well as quality service, guaranteeing you a car adapted to your request.


You should consider that you may not find the variety of brands and models that agencies in other countries can offer you. To avoid this, contact the agency in advance and consider the models they have to offer you their services.

The types of cars you can find

There is a wide variety of brands that tourists and visitors usually find, such as: Audi, Mercedes, Peugeot, Renault, Kia and Hyundai. But it is important to contact the agency in advance to obtain information about the models and dimensions you want for your comfort.


If you know how to drive a manual transmission, there is a wide variety of cars that have it, but if you want your car with an automatic transmission, it is possible to find it, but these are the rarest to find at the time of reservation, so it is important book in advance.


Keep your identification documents with you, do not leave them in your suitcase, your passport is important to carry while on your road trip. In different places such as bridges that lead to some very busy beaches, they may ask for a passport when paying the toll.


When parking at a destination you are visiting, it is important that you have cash to pay for parking. The price of this service is not very expensive.


Do not seek to reach an agreement with the natives to rent your car, since car rental is regulated, therefore, it is illegal to rent cars to Cuban residents, only a small list of authorized agencies should be taken into consideration and recognized companies that offer this service.

Routes and guides

If you have already scheduled your plan to travel to Havana, Cuba, you have the date and you have decided to rent a car, consider if it is your first time and you venture to this destination the following tips:
First, plan ahead the places you want to see such as: history, streets, squares, beaches;
Second, consider the most convenient routes to get to your destination.
Third, plan how much fuel you will need for the duration of the trip.


If you are going to choose to use GPS as a route guide, consider that the internet data connection may present faults in Cuba, in turn there is no guarantee that your car has integrated GPS. The recommendation would be to ask the natives to make sure you do not get lost and if it is necessary to carry printed maps with notes of the routes and reference points.


Keep an eye on the gas gauge, always remember to fill it up. Don't leave it to the last minute, in Cuba you don't get a fuel station on every corner. At the same time, make sure you have cash in Cuban pesos (CUP national currency) only in this way to pay, the cars that are rented should only be supplied with special gasoline

Enjoy your car rentals in Havana, Cuba

Renting a car in Havana, Cuba might not be as seamless as in other parts of the world. But you can tackle this challenge by looking for a car rental agency prior to your arrival. Our car rental experts help you navigate through the intricacies of the car rental easily so that you can ensure your smooth arrival at Havana, without any inconvenience. We recommend our clients to:

  • Pick up the car after their arrival at the airport.

  • Ask about the pick-up location of the car while scheduling the car rentals in Havana.

  • Check if you meet the demand of customer service hours at the car pick-up point.

  • Always check the demand for rental cars in Cuba, Havana to have less setbacks and a good experience.

So, book in advance right now and satisfy your inner traveler.

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Discover the freedom to explore the vibrant places and cultural wonders of Cuba by renting a car from our convenient 600+ location points across Cuba. Whether you decide to explore Havana's historic streets or Varadero's pristine beaches, our extensive network ensures you have the keys to your journey wherever you choose to roam. Start your unforgettable road trip now!

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