Top Scuba Diving Sites in Cuba


Top Scuba Diving Sites in Cuba

Beneath the surface of Cuba's azure waters lies a world of enchantment waiting to be discovered. From vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life to mysterious shipwrecks steeped in history, Cuba offers scuba divers an unparalleled underwater adventure.

Here in this article, we'll dive deep into the top places of scuba diving in Cuba, uncovering the hidden treasures that await beneath the waves.

Unveiling the Underwater Wonders: What to Expect While Scuba Diving in Cuba

Embark on a journey beneath the waves and prepare to be mesmerized by Cuba's rich and diverse underwater ecosystems. Expect to encounter a kaleidoscope of marine life, including colorful reef fish, majestic sharks, playful dolphins, and majestic turtles.

Explore towering coral formations, intricate caves, and captivating underwater landscapes as you dive into the depths of Cuba's pristine waters. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a novice explorer, Cuba scuba diving offers something for everyone, with dive sites suitable for all skill levels.

What are the Best Scuba Diving Places in Cuba?

Jardines de la Reina Marine Park (Gardens of the Queen)

Located off the southern coast of Cuba, Jardines de la Reina is a government-protected marine park renowned for its abundance of marine life and pristine coral reefs. Dive among healthy coral gardens, swim alongside sharks and barracudas and explore underwater caves and channels in this untouched underwater paradise.

However, for an optimal experience, consider embarking on multi-day trips via liveaboard dive boats when visiting this area. Due to the exclusive access by dive boat and the limited availability of trips, divers often need to secure their spots well in advance, sometimes several months ahead.

Scuba Diving in Jardines de la Reina

María la Gorda

Situated on the western tip of Cuba, María la Gorda is a remote diving destination known for its dramatic wall dives and vibrant marine biodiversity. Dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with colorful fish, octopuses, and eagle rays, and discover an underwater world of unparalleled beauty.

To reach Maria La Gorda, consider booking a car rental in Havana, Cuba. Alternatively, you could take a bus to Pinar del Rio and arrange a taxi from there. It’s worth confirming transportation options in advance.

María la Gorda Beach Cuba

Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs)

Famous for its historical significance for the failed US military invasion, Playa Girón is about two hours southeast of Havana and offers excellent diving opportunities along its rugged coastline. Explore underwater caves, swim through coral canyons, and encounter a variety of marine species, including tarpon, snappers, and groupers.

Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs)
This photo of Playa Giron is courtesy of Tripadvisor

Scuba diving in Cayo Largo del Sur

The next on the list of best scuba diving places in Cuba is Cayo Largo del Sur. Nestled in the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea, it boasts some of the best diving in Cuba. Dive along vibrant coral reefs, encounter schools of tropical fish, tunnels, and steep walls, and explore underwater wrecks dating back to the colonial era.



Known for its stunning beaches and luxurious resorts, Varadero also offers fantastic diving experiences along its coral reefs and underwater walls. Dive alongside colorful reef fish, moray eels, and nurse sharks, and marvel at the beauty of Cuba's underwater world.

Best Time to Visit for Diving in Havana and Varadero, Cuba

The best time for scuba diving in Havana and Varadero, Cuba is during the dry season, which runs from November to April. During this time, you can expect calm seas, clear visibility, and warm water temperatures, making it ideal for diving adventures.

However, diving is possible year-round in Cuba, with excellent conditions available throughout much of the year. It's worth noting that hurricane season runs from June to November, so it's advisable to avoid diving during this time to ensure your safety.

How Do I Get to Cuba?

Getting to Cuba is relatively easy, with international flights available to major cities such as Havana and Varadero from destinations around the world. Most visitors arrive at José Martí International Airport in Havana or Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport in Varadero, both of which offer convenient access to Cuba's top diving destinations.

You can rent a car in Cuba Havana airport to easily access the region's top dive sites. Additionally, Cuba has a well-developed network of domestic flights, buses, and taxis, making it easy to travel between cities and explore the island's diverse attractions.


With its pristine waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, scuba diving in Cuba offers an unforgettable diving experience for enthusiasts of all levels. From the remote beauty of Jardines de la Reina to the historical significance of Playa Girón, Cuba's underwater world is brimming with adventure and discovery. So pack your bags, grab your dive gear, book your Cuba car rental, and prepare to explore the depths of Cuba's underwater wonders – an unforgettable underwater adventure awaits!