How to rent Classic Cars in Cuba?


How to rent Classic Cars in Cuba?

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter the streets of Cuba? Most of you will answer the colorful vintage cars lining up in the streets. The classic cars are treated like Cuban icons there and incite a sense of thrill among the tourists as well as the locals. This urges you to cover the beauty of the country on this magnificent vehicle. But you don’t know the places and the streets. Don’t worry. Renting a car with a driver can free you from all the hassle of driving to the right paths.

So, how to rent classic cars in Cuba? We are here to tell you the tips of the same and give you a way towards an incredible journey in the capital of Havana. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Tips to rent a classic car in Cuba.

Do you know the best way to explore the streets of Cuba? Take a Cuba classic car rental and discover its nooks and corners in less time. Feel as if you are the hero of the movie who is experiencing the main characters in the form of sun, music, and mojitos in this wonderful place called Cuba.

Book in Advance.

If you want a wholesome trip experience, we recommend you book your classic car rental in Cuba in advance. Ideally, you should book it at least three months prior to your trip. If you wait until you land there, you are bound to waste your precious vacation time. But here is the catch: Most classic cars in Cuba are without airbags and seatbelts. So, you need to be extra cautious before renting them. Moreover, you can’t get a classic car in Cuba for rent easily. The reason being – The classic cars in Cuba are more than 60-70 years old and have been built on a 60-year-old technology.

So, what is the solution? Fear not. You can rent a classic car and driver. He will come along with you to show you the places, but you can’t take the car away on your own. You can let him know the specific route, and he will take you on the tour in the most loved classic car. There is nothing better if you get in touch with a car rental agency and make the most of your time. They not only provide you with rental cars but also drivers to take you to the main streets of Cuba and then back to your starting point.

Eligibility Criteria

The driver or the person who can drive a classic car rental in Cuba must meet certain criteria. He/She must be 21 or over 21 years old and have a valid driving license. The license could be national or internal, in addition to having an international driving permit. If you are a resident of any other country except Cuba, you need to have a valid passport, too.

Understand Rental Terms

Before renting out a classic car and a driver, don’t forget to read and understand the rental terms and conditions thoroughly. The price of Cuba Classic car rentals varies from city to city. For instance – The price in Havana will vary from the price in Santa Clara. It also depends on the car model you choose. Furthermore, a driver can help you negotiate better terms for the vehicle. That means getting in touch with a reliable car rental company is advisable to set a clear payment structure and rental terms and conditions. If you are doubtful about any condition listed in the agreement, they will help you understand that in more detail.

Verify Insurance

The insurance price depends on the car rental agency. The amount of rent that you pay for the classic car rental per day includes mandatory insurance plus an additional deposit of a few hundred dollars as a security amount. Check for any dents or striking marks once you return the vehicle and at the beginning of taking it with you. Because if you don’t notify them on time, you will be charged extra after delivering the car.

What are the requirements to rent a classic car in Cuba?

Renting a classic car in Cuba and then exploring the place can prove to be one of the most fulfilling experiences once you fully understand the rental requirements. As discussed above, age, having a driving license, verifying the terms and conditions of insurance, booking in advance, and understanding local rules are some of the requirements that you must keep in mind. You must contact your car rental agency for the best preparation and have a smooth and enjoyable experience while traveling down the roads of the Pearl of the Antilles.


The rental car is not just a means to travel in Cuba but also a means of exploring the real life that flows on the roadside. It’s time to choose from a wide selection of classic cars from and make your journey unique. Book the car of your choice from our extensive vehicle catalog and add an unforgettable experience to your list. Want to know more? Contact us for more details.