How to Travel Cuba on a Budget?


How to Travel Cuba on a Budget?

A vibrant island with sunshine also called the birthplace of mojitos, Cuba is a country with pastel-shaded historical facades where you can have the time of your life cruising along the narrow streets in classic cars. Is that all? Well, the country has much more to offer than you can ever think of. While it may not be the best-suited island for backpackers, you can certainly save some money if you learn more about mecánica (Cuban way of doing things).

For independent travelers, it can become quite tricky to understand the dual economy and monetary system of Cuba, but all you need is a little planning to travel to Cuba on a budget.

So, here we have come up with excellent travel tips to Cuba to make your journey an unforgettable one. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Tips for a budget travel to Cuba


Pre-plan your trip

When it comes to traveling, pre-planning is the secret recipe for success for any budget-conscious traveler. Make research your best friend once you decide to visit this place. Create a list of the famous attractions you want to visit in Cuba and prioritize them in order. Some people think that spontaneity can be thrilling, but it is the pre-planning that prevents you from shedding extra money and spending on inconveniences. Check the visa requirements before finalizing your itinerary. Get all your documents in order and make the most of your trip.


Book Affordable Accommodations.

  • The homes for local Cubans are called Casas. It is similar to a guesthouse or a B&B. Renting a room in a private home can cost you an amount of nearly 30 US dollars per night. Do you know what the best part of staying with a Cuban Family is? To have an authentic Cuban Experience. You get to be part of their routine, like eating with them, hanging out with them, playing with their pets or kids, etc. You are treated as their family member till the time you stay in the private home. Doesn’t that sound like a rewarding experience?

  • You can check out multiple online sites or AirBnB for booking a casa. Pre-book a Casa for at least one night, that is, for the day when you are stepping into this country. After landing there, check for the stays for the following nights. You can take the help of your casa host for the same.

  • Yet another option is to get a hostel for affordable travel to Cuba. It is considered one of the best tips to save some money on accommodation. The price can be anywhere between 5-15 US dollars. You might be surprised to know that many casas have rates similar to hostel pricing. So it is like a win-win situation – a low-cost budget plus experiencing the culture with a local family.


Budget-Friendly Transportation


Transportation comes out to be one of the biggest expenses of your trip. People prefer taxis. Before deciding the mode of transportation, negotiate with the driver. Tell your itinerary to him to find out the Cuba Travel costs. Whatever price the driver quotes, counteroffer him by offering a couple of dollars lower because drivers there are used to quoting a higher rate, anticipating they will have to finalize the deal at a lower fee.

You can find out the options like bicitaxis, collective taxis, and buses. Want to know the most fascinating option for traveling to Pearl of the Antilles? Rent a car in Cuba and explore the place wherever and whenever you want. You can get in touch with a rental car agency for the same, and find out the car model you want to drive. Also, book your vehicle for rent in advance to get your choice of rental car model.


Travel in pairs or a group

Have you heard that saying – “The more the merrier”? Well, this holds true here in this country as well. If you are traveling in pairs or a group of 3-4, you will have to pay less for the accommodation, food, means of transportation, and other common expenses. So, get your friends and family convinced to have a wonderful experience in Cuba.


Money Saving Tips

  • Currency reform came in Cuba in 2021. Thus, the Cuban economy is still recovering from that. The black economy is still pervading in all the Cuban areas, indicating different exchange rates in banks as compared to those on the streets. Research before bringing any kind of money to Cuba and where you change the currency on arrival. Currently, the best currency to bring here is the Euro. Steer clear of changing your funds at the airport. Also, don’t change too much currency in the banks either.

  • ATMs in Cuba mostly work for non-US credit and debit cards. Just find the relevant information from your home bank before leaving. Keep in mind that ATMs in Cuba dispense cash in Pesos at bank exchange rates. Euros, Pound sterling, and Canadian Dollars are also the widely accepted currencies in Cuba.

  • Make a manageable daily budget for the number of days you are going to spend here. Download an expense tracker application to monitor where you are spending your money and where you can cut down your expenses. These money-saving tips will definitely be going to help you with your affordable travel to Cuba.


The moment you enter this beautiful country named Cuba, it bewitches you and compels you to explore it in depth. The welcoming nature of the native people and its fascinating culture give you more reasons to visit this place. It's time to pre-plan your trip well in advance so that you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank. Pack your bags and savor the magic of this enchanting island nation without worrying about your wallet.