Car rental


Car rental

Don’t wait until the last minute to hire your car in Cuba

It’s easy for tourists to hire cars in Cuba! You no longer need to wait until you arrive in Cuba to begin your search for car rental agencies. Our online agency guarantees you can complete your car hire in just a few minutes. We offer personalised advice, affordable prices and, above all, a trustworthy service.

A car is the most comfortable option to travel from one city to the next and reach the top landmarks in Cuba. Giving you all the independence you need for a fantastic trip, hiring a car in Cuba will make you feel like a social media star, travelling the way the influencers do. You can capture dazzling photos just like the ones you see in tourist brochures.

You can enjoy the beautiful Cuban landscape from the comfort of your car, gazing through the windows to see beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, charming plazas and all the points of interest and historical attractions Cuba offers.

Remember that, unlike other tourist destinations, Cuba has few car rental agencies - meaning there is limited availability to hire a car in Cuba. So, once you’ve chosen Cuba as your next destination, we recommend you begin your car rental search as soon as possible. Our agency will provide all the necessary advice to simplify your car hire process.

When deciding the type of car, be flexible!

Finding your first choice of car type or model in Cuba can be challenging. If you don’t rent your car in advance, you'll probably be forced to settle for any available model. By booking online in advance, you can save yourself this type of inconvenience and instead have your choice of the standard brands and models available at agencies such as Audi, Geely, Hyundai, KIA, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Renault and Volkswagen.

Car transmission systems in Cuba

Due to the high demand for automatic cars when it comes to car hire in Cuba, you'll have more options for cars with manual transmissions. With this in mind, securing your car as far in advance as possible is crucial if your rental car must be automatic.

Each new destination is a new experience

When you travel the various roads in Cuba, we recommend following good driving practices:

  • Download maps on your mobile phone or any other device whenever you have Wi-Fi or mobile data available. On several routes, such as rural roads, you may experience inadequate or even non-existent mobile network service. Usually, hire cars in Cuba do not have an incorporated GPS.

  • Pay attention to the fuel gauge to ensure you have the necessary fuel to make your journey comfortable. If necessary, go to the petrol station where you can easily fill it up. It should be noted that rental cars must be filled with special petrol, which must be paid in cash, using the national currency (Cuban pesos CUP).

  • You must always carry your passport, other identification documents, and cash. Occasionally, you may have to pay a toll on some roads - and you may be asked for identification.

  • Always read the car rental contract and return the car at the designated time with a full tank. Also, don’t try to rent a car from an independent Cuban resident - this is illegal. Car rental services are exclusive to recognised agencies that comply with all the required legal guidelines.

Finding your car at the airport

If your flight arrives in Havana, checking the car rental offers at Cuba's airport beforehand is a good idea. Many passengers who travel to this destination arrive at José Martí International Airport (HAV).

Usually, the customer is responsible for picking up their car near the terminal where their flight arrives. The advantage of renting a car at the airport is that there is often more availability and better cars. You also don’t need to worry about ordering a taxi or taking public transport to reach your hotel or destination.

Your long-awaited holiday starts the moment your plane lands. It’s much better for you if you can pick up your hire car at the airport. Many rental car offices are open 24 hours a day. But make sure to confirm their opening times and ensure they coincide with your arrival time.

With the support of our expert agency, you can rest assured you will have a hire car waiting for you in Cuba. We offer you the chance to book online right now. Find a car that meets your expectations and enjoy a wonderful tour of Cuba.

We will adapt to your needs, preferences, and flight date.

Start searching for your ideal hire car in Cuba with us now!