Exciting Places to Visit in Cuba


Exciting Places to Visit in Cuba

Planning to take a trip to Cuba but failing to shortlist due to plenty of options?

Not to worry, as we are here with the list of the best places to visit in Cuba to make your trip more happening and thrilling.

So what are you waiting for?

Keep on reading and explore beyond the cliche, along with many off-beat places and cities to see in Cuba. Get set for an exciting journey to bring your inner wanderer out here at this place.

Planning a Trip to Cuba: Here is the list of must-visit places.

Now that you have finally planned to visit Cuba, we have prepared a list of famous tourist attractions in Cuba. But before getting any further, how are you planning to explore the city? Through buses, shared taxis, or your own vehicle? Well, let me tell you, if you want to live it up and be on the top of the world, there is nothing that can beat the flexibility of your own vehicle. That is what rental cars are here for. You just need to contact a car rental agency for every detail, and they will let you know the places to visit in Cuba with a stylish rental car.

Moving on, here are our top six best attractions that you cannot miss in any way if you are planning to visit Cuba.

Valle de Viñales (Best for Getting into Nature)

If hiking is what all you seek in the name of adventure and travel, Viñales should be on your bucket list. This place is perfect for hikers who wish to wander through the valleys and around the Mogotes on countless trails. This is one of the best and most outstanding Karst landscapes where traditional methods of agriculture are still thriving.

Furthermore, the region is recognized as a UNESCO World World Heritage Site as it is also famous for preserving the rich legacy of music, craft, and architecture. No wonder why Viñales Valley has been declared the national monument of Cuba.

Havana (The Best City for Art and Architecture)

From colonial times to almost the end of the 19th century, the focal point of ultimate Cuban life has been Old Havana. Oh yes, not to forget the distinctive pizzas served here if you are an ultimate foodie. Not only this, the city has been a hub of crucial political interactions with major lawlessness and hospitality. What’s more? As mentioned, you can explore this place by renting a car in Cuba and immersing yourself in its wonderful architecture. You don’t have to worry about being on time, as is the case with public transportation. Rental cars give you the choice to explore the art, architecture, and places to visit in Cuba at your own pace.

Additionally, the nightlife here is exotic, with a vibrant culture that offers spectacular views of the landscape and the oceans. So mark this rum-beating territory as your next place to visit in Cuba and experience Cuban art and rustic architecture along with jaw-dropping sightseeing activities.

Varadero (Best Cuban Beach Resort)

When we talk of the Cuba's incredible fine sand beaches, Varadero tops the chart. This beach had warm and crystal-clear waters, making it one of the best beaches in the world. Apart from that, you can visit the Bellamar Caves located here, which have the most extensive cavern systems and are as old as 150 years old. You can experience sightseeing at Parque Josone National Park, which has great wildlife and stunning botanical gardens.

Santiago de Cuba (Best for Understanding Cuba’s Revolutionary Past)

If the histories of different countries impress you, then Santiago de Cuba is one of the best places to Visit in Cuba to understand its revolutionary past. Not only this, the rebel movement that transformed itself into the Cuban revolution has its origin here. And yes, the famous Bacardi family invented their famous rum brand here.

Additionally, you can visit Parque Cespedes in Santiago de Cuba, which showcases colonial structures in and around it to help you experience the full bygone era vibe.

Trinidad (Best Known for Historical Sights in Cuba)

Trinidad, or the Land of Hummingbirds, is one of the most mesmerizing cities to see in Cuba. It is indeed extraordinary if you wish to get yourself merged in history and architectural beauty. Its exceptional location between the beach coastline and scenic mountains gives it a more exemplary touch. You can visit Plaza Mayor here, which is surrounded by neo-Baroque structures. To walk down a deeper history lane, you can visit various museums and explore cultural artifacts.

Furthermore, you can indulge yourself in the vibrant local shops and restaurants to have an authentic taste of some unique Cuban cuisines.

Matanzas (Best Known for Live Music)

Matanzas, or the Athens of Cuba, is an active cultural institution that is basically known as the birthplace of the music and dance traditions of danzon and rumba. This place is known by many nicknames like "The Cuban Venice" and "Sleeping Beauty". It also serves as a visual treat for scenic drives, plazas, and other well-known monuments.

Oh yes, if you are into theater, do not miss the finest Cuban theaters here. This place has also been the birthplace of some of the most eloquent poets and writers over time.


So, this is it. Cuba is one haven for adventure seekers, history lovers, and travel wanderers. It has everything from culture, music, art and history.

Hence, if you are planning your next vacation, give it a shot to Cuba because it is worth every penny and second of yours.