How To Connect with the Internet in Cuba? Guide for Travelers - Rental Car Cuba


How To Connect with the Internet in Cuba? Guide for Travelers - Rental Car Cuba

Cuba is one of the dream destinations for many travelers out there with its rich history and stunning beaches. But here is the catch: You can somewhat feel a hard time here if you want to stay connected to the Internet. No wonder the country’s infrastructure has witnessed a noteworthy improvement in the last few years. However, some unique hurdles are still there. And one is in the form of internet connectivity.

Let me explain this to you with an example. Suppose you have chosen to explore this beautiful city in a car. How will you find the desired locations? You need internet access to navigate and discover things along the way, right? That is how your exploration with a combination of car rental and the Internet will let you experience the beauty of this city to its fullest.

Let’s find out more about connecting to the Internet in The Pearl of the Antilles.

Is There Internet in Cuba?

Does Cuba have Internet? It’s a big yes. However, it is not as fast as compared to the other parts of the world. Looking to find it free in every café or restaurant? It is a tough nut to crack. Although it is accessible.

In the initial stages of the Internet, the chief aim of Cuba was to provide Internet access to travelers. Fast forward to 2023, the Internet in Cuba has reached a much better stage. Internet users can look for the answers they want. However, they have to experience longer than average page loading speeds. You might be surprised to know that Cuba follows some level of internet censorship. But there are very less chances that travelers will encounter something like that.

How do you access the Internet and WiFi in Cuba?

Cuba doesn’t offer free Internet or WiFi to the general public or tourists. Tourists or international visitors find it easy to connect to the web in comparison to anyone else here as they can afford the services. The resources of Cuba are controlled by the government. The internet connectivity there is managed by a state-owned company called ETECSA (Empresa de Telecommunicaciones de Cuba)

Let’s find out some more details about the Cuba cellular service and how you can access the Internet and WiFi here.

Public WiFi hotspots

There are designated spots in Cuba from where you can connect to Wifi. You have to go to such designated spots to access to access the Internet. So, if you have made up your mind to come to this place, you can access the Internet in Cuba through public Wi-Fi hotspots.

First, choose the network you want to connect to. NAUTA helps you with that. Now, scratch it on the back of the card, where you will find the login code and password. Type this information on your device and click to accept. Congratulations! You are connected to the Internet. After you have completed your browsing, don’t forget to log off.

Note: Robbery cases are not new here. Before coming here, don’t forget to check the safety guidelines of Cuba.

Hotels and resorts

Most hotels and resorts in Cuba offer free WiFi and cable internet for guests or tourists. You can rely on this option. However, some small hotels may have the condition of having a NAUTA card with you.

Buy a Local SIM card.

What do you think is the easiest way to stay connected while you travel to a new country? Get a new sim card from the place you are traveling to and add it to your unlocked cellphone.

Here we are unraveling a secret for you: SIM Cards in this country are quite expensive and require documentation. It is generally not worth it for travelers to stand in the long lines at ETECSA Cuba stores and bear the hassle of cost and paperwork just for their short trip.

To mark as a solution, Cuba launched a new “Tourist sim card” in February 2020 to take away the problem of connectivity from visitors. Now, you can pre-order a 30-day SIM card offering you 1 GB of data. All you have to do is just pick up the sim card from the airport in Havana when you arrive. You can also get that easily from the airport without placing a pre-order.

How fast is the Internet in Cuba?

Cuba's cellular services are not as fast as you might have experienced in your home country, but it has improved significantly with the introduction of 4G. Speed levels generally range from 150Kbps to 28Mbps. You can seamlessly operate communication applications like What’s App and Facebook in Cuba. Interestingly, the only exception is Skype.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, it is quite a task to access the Internet in this country. But things are improving for the best, and that marks good news for travelers as well as locals. While staying connected, it is also important to enjoy your travel time here. So even if you can’t get connected for a while, embrace the time being disconnected in Cuba for a while.